Together, We Can Rise to the Moment Trout Unlimited Priority Waters

Picture a trout in a stream, suspended in the flow.

Or a wild salmon pushing into a river, following instincts handed down over generations.

Think of a community coming together: blueprinting ideas, getting their hands dirty, raising their voices, to ensure that the next generation experiences the magic of those fish and those waters.

These are the scenes that motivate the people of Trout Unlimited and inspire our Priority Waters initiative.

Volunteers who fish and advocates who appreciate the simple beauty of a healthy river, biologists and stream restoration teams, policy pros and organizers—we are all dedicated to caring for and recovering America's waters, for today and for the future.

What Are Priority Waters?

Rooted in science and developed in collaboration with TU volunteers and trusted partners, our shared Priority Waters are the foundation of a strategic blueprint to protect, restore and reconnect America's wild and native trout and salmon watersheds.

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Priority Waters