The Price of Water

The Price of Water | A film by Trout Unlimited

Helper City, Utah, is an old rail and mining town making a transition to an economy built around tourism and recreation. The centerpiece of that is the river flowing through town, the Price. Dammed for more than a century, the river now flows free for six miles for fish, anglers, and river floaters. All this is thanks to key funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and a decade of work by local, state and federal partners, and Trout Unlimited, culminating in the removal of Gigliotti Dam and the $3.5 million Helper Revitalization Project in 2023. The work is boosting the city’s outdoor recreation economy and opening up healthy habitat for priority species such as the Colorado cutthroat trout and bluehead sucker. In recognition of the city’s dedicated work to resuscitate its home river, Trout Unlimited was proud to present Helper with our first Community Action Towards Conservation and Habitat (CATCH) award.

The Price of Water – Helper City, Utah

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